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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! 

My name is Pilar and I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator from Barcelona. As a child, I wanted to be a gymnast and an archaeologist. I moved to Brooklyn in 2013 and I currently work at this amazing place as a senior visual designer.

I love colors and geometry. I’m deeply interested in Illustration, Interactive Design, Editorial Design and Visual Identity.

When I'm not at work or sleeping, I'm fully dedicated to this personal project. It has its very own instagram account too.

Holla: hola[at]
Call: +1 347 946 7667
Stalk: Tumblr,  Pinterest & linkedIn

* I do not own a dance academy in Spain. 

Some clients I've worked with:

Bon Appetit
Brown University
Cooks Illustrated
Forbes Japan
International Center of Photography
modern farmer
Nautilus magazine
Rizzoli Publications
Simon & Schuster
Temple University
The Atlantic
The New Republic
The New York Times
United airlines
Vilcek Foundation
Yale School of Architecture