Bauen is a magazine about cities. It shows a very complete view of them in a very personal way, almost as if a friend was telling you what are the cool places to visit or some crazy story which happened in that city. 8 x 10 in / 76 pages

Big cities are full of skyscrapers and buildings, they all have the same ingredients but they certainly don't look the same. To unify that feeling and use it as a concept for the magazine I thought about the german word "bauen", which means "to build", to construct all the pages of the magazine. The fact of using a german word for the naming comes from the inspiration I used: "De stjll" and all the Bauhaus imagery. A modular grid which allows to play with the different components of each page and makes them look different and similar at the same time was used as a result of this concept.

Bauen is an academic project i developed while studying at the School of Visual Arts. I do not own the photographs shown here.