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Got contacted by Bright Side to collaborate with them in this project called “Love letters to the US” that would put a voice in the kind of obstacles that immigrants go through on a day to day basis in the United States, or really, anywhere in the world.  

We came up with a box that would be delivered to everyone interested in the project. It includes 24 cards—each one featuring a different daily issue for immigrants—, a poster of one of the illustrations, a tote bag and smaller pieces of stationary from Bright Side.

The idea is for these cards to be shared around the community, schools, businesses that surround you in order to raise awareness around something not everyone might think of normally.


Here are all the illustrations I worked on. I got to animate half of them to be featured on the site and in their social media posts.


As part of the Kickstarter campaign, we also thought about getting a wall to celebrate immigrants and the project with some of the illustrations in it.